Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Colleagues,


I am pleased to present you further information regarding our congress.  In the framework of the 2nd World Congress of Arts Therapies we will again have the opportunity to discuss together current issues and the latest questions of our professions, where we can find an open platform to exchange our experiences.  We hope that our cultural programmes, in addition to the professional ones, will also be of much interest.
We are looking forward to gaining a lot of beneficial professional information during these days from August 28 to 31, as colleagues expert in one particular field can have the opportunity to obtain deeper insight into other colleagues’ specializations and scientific results, and a progressive flow of information will be mutually helpful.
I do hope that all of you, the scientists and artists, representatives of political and public life and our promoters and sponsors, each and every guest of our event will appreciate and enjoy the programme of the congress.
May I wish you a successful and fruitful time, and also enjoy your time in Budapest.
Let me summarize our philosophy with the famous words of Goethe from the “Italian Journey”, slightly re-phrased for the 2nd World Congress of Arts Therapies:
“In der Kunst ist das Beste gut genug.”  -  “In art the best is good enough.” 
– re-phrased for us:  In art-therapy the best is good enough.

President of the 2nd World Congress of Arts Therapies



The 2nd World Congress of Arts Therapies is the second Hungarian-initiated international event that consistently undertakes the task of providing a forum with a both geographically and also professionally comprehensive spectrum  for professionals who apply music-, dance-, literature-, visual arts-, photo-, film- and other branches  of art-related methods in the corresponding therapy-methods  or  work using sport-therapy, or animal-assisted therapies.
The integrative feature of the Congress rises from the long well-known problem of the profession itself: the abundance, the cornucopia of choices and possibilities: there is hardly any other existing sphere of the scientific world that is compounded of so many aspects as arts therapies are. 
Consider the fact that arts and the related historical and aesthetic sciences have just as much relevance as psychiatry; besides psychiatry other branches of medicine corresponding to the different arts therapies fields, such as psychology, sociological sciences, or in the field of prevention sciences as pedagogy, communication, library science, and finally scientific fields corresponding rehabilitation.
Integration, convergence, synthetization, systematization: these are the terms of process necessary for arts therapies’ further development, and for which the 2nd World Congress of Arts Therapies would like to offer a much-needed platform. 
With the hope that our endeavour will be successful, I respectfully draw the attention of our colleagues to this event.

Prof. Dr. BITTER István,
Director of the Clinic of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the University Semmelweis


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